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To us, tea lovers, this millenary beverage calls for a process of delicacy and elegance; a ritual of delightful aromas, flavors, and unforgettable conversations that have intimately connected people all over the world and for thousands and thousands of years. It is a culture of infinite knowledge, pleasure, and never-ending charm. 

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Since the beginning of its history, tea has served medicinal purposes. To alleviate stomachaches, get rid of impurities, cure indigestions, and aid digestion are only some of examples. Buddhist monks have used tea for years, because they discovered that tea increases attentiveness, relaxes the body, and prevents somnolence in their long meditation sessions. This property is due to the presence of I-theanine, an anti-stress amino acid, different from caffeine, which excites the brains neurotransmitters and stimulates the alpha waves that upsurge cerebral activity for better mental focus and concentration capabilities.

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Tea provides high levels of antioxidants, responsible for fighting against free radicals, thus preventing ageing and cell degradation. In addition, it helps improve skin and nails appearance. Several studies have shown that tea also helps protect the immune system, and fights and prevents cancer. However, it is not to be replaced for the indicated treatment given by a doctor.